First Time, Second Time - Managing One Baby to the Next – Hannah and Henry
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First Time, Second Time - Managing One Baby to the Next

First Time, Second Time - Managing One Baby to the Next

Written by Rochelle West @wild_west_baby

Do you remember looking into your first-born baby's eyes thinking YES, this is it! I want another one of you and I want it NOW! 

Do you remember your day revolving around that sweet baby, taking up every minute of that day? The night feeds where it was just the two of you, the day sleeps where you got to take a nap together, the homemade meals you specially prepared for the weaning stages, and the hundreds of photos you took of your baby in all their cuteness. 

Well hey, you're an expert now. You have already taken one baby through the most important beginning stages of their life. You have already faced the challenges of the unknown, and you already know what to expect, so number two will be a walk in the park right? 


Your mind starts ticking as the questions are rolling in...

How can I love another as much as I love my first born? 

How can I share my time with them both? 

How do I balance both children and the house chores? 

Where will I find the time for myself or my partner?

Well, here are some insights and tips...

  1. You think you might not have enough heart to love another as much as your first, but you better believe your heart just grows bigger. Creating more space and more love for you to give.
  2. Sharing time becomes easy. Get your toddler to help you with their new sibling, or read a book together while you're feeding the baby.
  3. Balancing children and house work is tricky and the first few months you might just be in survival mode, but that is okay! Make house work fun, put on some music and have a dance party while you fold the washing with your toddler.
  4. Routine, routine, routine! Little ones thrive on routine. Knowing what is coming next and when will make the day run super smooth.
  5. Ask for help and receive it! A little bit goes a long way, whether it’s your partner, mum, a friend or neighbour. They want to help because they care. 
  6. Exhaustion. Welcome to motherhood! Try and rest where you can. Take a moment to yourself and have your partner take the kids for a while. Enjoy a cuppa, have a lay down, get pampered.
  7. Set some time aside for not only your partner, but for yourself. When the kids go to bed, run yourself a hot bath, light some candles, listen to some soothing music, pop on a face mask and just relax! Take your mum up on her offer to spend time with the kids and enjoy a once a month, once a fortnight date night with your husband. Your relationship with thank you for it.
  8. Food prep. Make it easier on yourself and prepare food in advance. Freeze meals or pop on a slow cooker to set and forget. Use that extra time to play and cuddle with your precious babies.

Overall, going from one to two will be sure to have its challenges. But rewind a little bit, remember those precious moments, the newborn smell, the first smile, the milestones you see before your eyes, the love your siblings have for one another and all the love you have to give. Remember how you raised your first-born and know you can do it again!

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