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The Complete Guide to Buying the Best Nappy Bag

The Complete Guide to Buying the Best Nappy Bag

Once your new Baby arrives you can say goodbye to your old handbag and be prepared to carry around a lot more STUFF! You may want to know what’s the best type of Nappy Bag for me?. And you’ll be amazed at how much stuff you’ll actually need for your new bub.

You need to know what the best Nappy Bag is for storage, style and practicality. You’ll need endless space for all the essentials such as nappies, baby wipes, changing pad, bottles and formula.

A good nappy bag is invaluable, there are so many choices out there and depending on your lifestyle you’ll need to consider all your options. So, we reviewed lots of different types of Nappy Bags, keep reading our complete guide to buying the best Nappy Bag.

Featured: The Classic Nappy Backpack

Do I actually need a Nappy Bag?

The short answer is YES! This is obviously my own opinion, however from experience, a good Nappy Bag is essential and especially since you’ll likely use it for 3 to 5 years, so makes a great investment.

Nappy Bags are purpose built for Baby and You, they tend to have more room and are easier to organise. Most Nappy Bags will have separate compartments for bottles, wipes, laptops, phone, keys. Other Nappy Bags will come with stroller straps so you can easily attach them to your pram (most regular bags don’t have these features). Also, some bags offer lots more Nappy bag accessories too, such as a change mat, bottle holders, shoulder straps or clips.

What Style Nappy Bag is Best?

Your nappy bag will be your best friend for a couple of years, so choose a style that suits your lifestyle. If you like your space, consider a tote. If you like your hands free, consider a larger backpack. Or if you’re a minimalist, a smaller lightweight backpack should do the job. You’ll need to decide if a leather nappy bag will work for you or is nylon baby bag or canvas baby bag better suited? There are so many choices it can be hard to decide.  

What Makes a Good Nappy Bag?

Most important and top of my list of Nappy Bag ‘must haves’ is storage space. You’ll need a bag big enough to carry all the bits and bobs bub needs. Beyond just nappies, think change mat, change of clothes, wipes, bottles, snacks, toys and if you have a toddler or even twins you can double this list!

Most Nappy Bags will come with built-in pockets, dividers and even waterproof sections making organisation easier. Waterproof Nappy Bags are also an awesome feature for all those inevitable spills, making it much easier to clean up!

Stroller straps are also great to have so you can have you hands-free and you’ll easily be able to access all the baby bag essentials while the bag is hanging on the pram. The list goes on-and-on, so I’ve rounded up The Top 5 Best Selling Nappy Bags below:

The Leather Nappy Bag:

The Classic Nappy Backpack is one of the most stylish nappy bags out there! Made from PU leather with brass zip detailing, this baby bag is made for your pram. The Classic Black Leather Nappy Bag is super lightweight & made from PU Leather making it easy to just wipe clean. Use it as a crossbody tote too simply by attaching the adjustable long shoulder straps.


The Waterproof Nappy Bag:

The Waterproof Tan Baby Bag, our Charlie Collection is one of the largest & most durable nappy bags on the market. Most importantly it’s made from waterproof multifunction polyester so you can just wipe it clean and the inside can be spot cleaned for all those inevitable spills. Also included is a matching Baby Changing Pad, endless pockets, two insulated pouches for milk and built-in stroller straps.

The Lightweight Backpack:

Super lightweight and compact, the stylish Nappy Backpack is made from high quality polyester material and comes in 3 colour options. Our lightweight nappy bags are made from waterproof multifunction polyester and are just as functional as a gym bag or for at the park with the kids!

The Stylish Tote Nappy Bag:

A Chelsea & Catherine Tote Collections have a sophisticated designer look and made from waterproof multifunction vegan leather. They have lots of compartments inside and out, perfect for the ultimate organiser.

To view our full range of Nappy Bags, CLICK HERE.


Best of luck new Mammas!

Elaine Ellis xxx.