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Tips For Decorating Your Baby's Nursery

Tips For Decorating Your Baby's Nursery

Written by Rochelle West @wild_west_baby

We have all seen nurseries set up with themes such as rainbows, animals, florals and even the good old Winnie the Pooh, but lately, more and more nurseries across Australia are embracing the modern trend of neutral colours.

Neutrals tones, natural materials and barely-there soft colour palettes are the go-to choices for new parents nowadays. They are becoming the most perfect fit for a light, airy, modern space, and even better for those that are keeping the gender of their upcoming baby a secret.

Where do you start? 

When designing and decorating a nursery you need to remember that this space must feel great to you. Aim for a space you can relax in and won’t mind spending a lot of time in because, let’s face it, all those late nights and early mornings will certainly add up with that precious baby of yours. 


Stick to neutral colours and tones - white, cream, beige, grey, brown. Neutral colour palettes are becoming popular amongst mamas in Australia who are steering away from gendered decor and embracing simple design.

Popular styles to embrace


Natural materials 


Curved styles 


Light and airy 

If you have begun your research and shopping, you may have noticed the ease and abundance of choice when it comes to shopping neutral tones. As the theme becomes more popular, the pieces become easier to attain.

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Fun fact

Colours have a huge effect on how children learn and understand. Babies are especially responsive to colour, it affects their mood, behaviour and emotions. A neutral colour scheme is believed to enhance young minds, allowing children to develop their knowledge without too much stimulation.

Space and furniture

Think about how much space you have to work with before you buy your furniture and decor.  Keep the furniture simple - whites or wood, and start with the basics - cot, change table and dresser. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, try choosing a dresser with a built-in change table on top. If you have more space, try adding a stylish chair and a floor lamp.  Think about what you can invest in once, so it remains a part of your child’s room regardless of age.

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Once your furniture is all in place, start your decorating!

  1. Choose a floor rug and keep it neutral. Try a cream textured or jute rug.
  2. Add a little throw to drape over your rocking chair.
  3. Add some levelled shelving. Small shelves attached to the wall not only create space to store things, but they’re super stylish and trendy.
  4. Add a mirror! It gives the illusion of depth making the room look more spacious. You can also try placing it on the opposite wall to a window which allows more light to enter the room, making it brighter and more welcoming. 
  5. Plants are your best friend! Greenery in a room really makes a difference. Try hanging a plant from the roof or add a few small ones to a wall mounted shelf. Be sure to read up on non-toxic, air purifying plants 
  6. Add a basket with a lid or a chest to store items like soft toys or shoes. 
  7. Take your style a step further with window dressings. Sheer curtains make for a bright airy room. If you need it a little darker for nap times, add a blackout roller blind behind the curtains. 
  8. Add wooden elements. These give the room a warm timeless feel. They create a space that won’t be quickly outdated.
  9. Do you need a canopy? Yes, of course (if you’ve got space)! A canopy is great to elevate any space, creating a cosy magical place to sleep under or a quiet area for books and pillows. Imagination is key!

It’s time to make your nursery dreams come to life! Happy decorating!

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