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What To Pack In Your Nappy Bag: The Nappy Bag Essentials Checklist

What To Pack In Your Nappy Bag: The Nappy Bag Essentials Checklist

Heading out for the day with your little one?

As a new mum, it’s difficult to remember everything you need for you AND bub, especially with the lack of sleep and a crying baby in your arms.

If you like to be organised and know you have every little thing you may need for every situation, it's good to prepare in advance or have a list to refer to. 

Once you’ve done it over and over and over again, packing your nappy bag will become second nature (hopefully!), but for now, we’ve made it a little easier for you...

Nappy Bag Essentials Checklist


Remember, preparation is key!

If you know you’re heading out for the day, think about packing your nappy bag the day before. This will help you leave the house knowing you’re starting the day on the right foot and you’re ready for the day ahead.

A well-packed nappy bag is a LIFE SAVER! It ensures you have everything for different types of situations and saves you time and stress when things go wrong.

When you’re a new mum, it’s the little things that make life a whole lot easier.

To help you pack your bag, we have developed the ULTIMATE Nappy Bag Essentials Checklist which includes an extensive list of items for both mum and baby. Download it here and you’ll always have a helpful checklist to refer to when packing your nappy bag for a day out.

The checklist provides an extensive list of items from which you can pick and choose what you will need. What you pack depends on your baby’s age, how long you’re heading out for and what you will be doing, as well as how prepared you like to be! 

We have listed the items in three categories: baby changing, baby feeding and other nappy bag essentials.

Nappy bag essentials - baby changing

Here, we have included baby wipes to clean up your little one's mess, nappies (make sure you have PLENTY of these), rash cream to use after each nappy change, anti-bacterial wipes and sanitiser to ensure you can clean your hands if there's no bathroom nearby, two or three spare bags for soiled clothing and nappies, a change mat - we include a free change mat with all of our nappy bags and a change of clothes to be prepared for little or BIG accidents.

Nappy bag essentials - baby feeding 

Of course, it depends on whether you're breastfeeding or using formula. Also, depending on the age of your baby, you may be introducing solid foods. 

What you pack in your nappy bag depends on all of the above factors, therefore, feel free to use the list as a guide.

If you're breastfeeding, bring yourself, most importantly! You can also bring bibs, breast pads, nipple shields and cream. If it makes you more comfortable, you can also bring a muslin wrap and/or blanket

If you're using formula, bring sterilised baby bottles, a water flask with boiled hot water inside and formula.

If your baby is a little older, bring bibsbaby food and cutlery.

Don't forget mum and (if applicable) baby snacks and a bottle of water.

Nappy bag essentials - other

Most important: phone, purse, keys!

Some other things you may pack in your nappy bag include baby toys, teethers, teething gel, a small first aid kit including plasters, medicines, nail clippers and thermometer, burp cloths, a dry cloth for your hands/baby or tissues, dummy, mum's toiletries - lip balm, sun cream, hairbrush, mum entertainment to pass the time when your baby naps and don't forget warm layers, sunglasses and hat, depending on the weather.

It seems like a long list, but you can use it as a guide to help you.

It's alway better to be over-prepared, than realise you're missing something while you're out! 

Before you start packing though, make sure you have a spacious and functional nappy bag that will hold all mum and baby essentials. At H&H, we make motherhood a little easier and a whole lot more stylish with our practical range of nappy bags and accessories.

We’ve linked some of our customer favourites below…

TOP TIP: a pram caddy is a great addition to hold your essentials like phone, purse, keys, water bottle and smaller baby bits at the tip of your fingers and a nappy clutch is perfect for quick trips when you don't want to bring the whole house with you!

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Happy packing and remember, you got this mamma!


H&H Family xx