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Your Baby's Daily Log Book

Your Baby's Daily Log Book

Whether you’re a first time Mamma or a seasoned pro, this daily logbook is perfect for keeping track of all those newborn feeds, nappy changes and naps. I created this because in those early days in hospital and at home it's so easy to forget things especially with the lack of sleep! So, this logbook helped me keep track of what my little one was doing. It definitely helped me feel less overwhelmed and a little more in control.

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Why do you need to track your Baby’s habits?

You'll most likely spend the first few months of your baby's life worrying (just a bit!) over their health. Was that noise normal? Should she be eating this much? Is she eating enough? Has she had enough sleep? How much sleep does she really need?

Luckily, with today’s technology keeping detailed notes of our kids' health has never been easier. There is literally an APP for just about everything now. But, if you’re like me then you’re an old school kinda girl… I prefer to write things down, I keep a pen a paper in the kitchen and noted all my feeds, nappy changes etc. for the first few months.

In fact, this logbook became the baby “bible” because sometimes Robert (my husband) or my Mum, when she was visiting, would change a nappy so I made them all use the logbook making it easier for me to track everything.

To download your FREE Baby Log: CLICK HERE

Why is the Baby Log helpful?

I found this method was especially helpful for night feeds when you’re not really supposed to be looking at the phone because apparently the light from our phones mimics daylight and can make it much harder for us to fall back asleep.

Apparently, it tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime thus making it much harder to go back to sleep after you’ve fed the baby (not to mention, the endless social media scrolling at 4am isn’t good for anyone!). So, I’ve created a good old-fashioned pen & paper FREE Baby Log that you can download and that will help you feel secure in the knowledge that both you and Baby are doing just fine by allowing you to track everything.

To download your FREE Baby Log: CLICK HERE

What does the Baby Log track?

I’ve included the date, time & baby’s wake time on the top of each page, you’ll need a page per day so you can download my FREE Baby Log use it as many times as you need to. The first thing to track is your Baby’s wake time as this will help determine when they need their next nap, most newborns need at least 14-16 hours sleep in any given 24-hour period.

Newborn feeding schedule

The next most important thing to track is your Baby’s feeding habits, if you’re breastfeeding then this can be a little trickier as you’ll never know exactly how much milk they got but at least you can keep track of which boob you fed from last (this is harder to remember than you think!). Also, noting the time they last had a feed is helpful because if your Baby becomes fussy, cranky or is crying you can double check feeding times/amounts helping to rule out hunger as a possible cause.

Other things to track are your Baby’s sleeping habits as this can help you to see a pattern emerge in the baby’s schedule or maybe you’re just a little Type A (ahem, that’s me) and tracking makes you feel like you have a tiny bit of control amongst the chaos.  And you’ll be tracking other things such as the last time your baby took a poo! First time Mammas you may not think it now but tracking your Baby’s bowel movements can become an obsession…!

The FREE Baby Log will help you track your baby's routine throughout the days, weeks & months. This logbook is especially helpful so you can evaluate daily, weekly, and monthly trends and discuss them with your midwife or doctor if you have any concerns.

If you’ve any questions you’d like to ask me just send me an email at best of luck new Mammas.

Elaine Ellis xxx.